CANCER PATIENT TRIGGER WARNING:  Tina Kirkman is a military wife, mother, and lover of all things football!  Tina’s husband KC is a former Air Force reserve member who served our country right after September 11th happened, and who is currently serving in the National Guard.  Over the years Tina has had some pretty big challenges throughout her life – including multiple cancer diagnoses, overcoming an addiction to prescription drugs, and most recently the loss of her Father In Law to COVID-19. Through her challenges Tina has learned to focus on the positive, and keep going no matter what.  Tina was ultimately diagnosed with terminal cancer, and in April 2019 she and her husband had to make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives.  She is now doing her best to live in the moment, and create lasting memories with her loved ones. 

If you want to contact Tina you can email her at [email protected]