On this episode Carly interviews Jodi Pettit.  Jodi Pettit is a wife, mother of 5, medical laboratory scientist & an athlete. At the age of 19 she was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. At the time a rheumatologist advised Jodi to not have children. The doctor stated that her disease was severe, her best hope was to slow down the progression, and that she would be wheel chair bound within a decade and that having children she couldn’t care for was selfish and irresponsible. This was devastating news to a young newly wed who had dreams of a family and an active lifestyle with her husband. With the support of her husband Jodi learned to live with her disease and have a family. She has cared for her children and always stayed active and achieved big goals. Jodi has ran 8 marathons, countless half’s, a Full Ironman, a handful of Half Ironman’s and XTERRA off road triathlon qualifying for and racing in their World Championship race in Maui in 2018. She has not missed a day of actively moving since December 10, 2013. Her passion and goal is to share hope, by sharing her story Jodi hopes to inspire in others a desire to fight their own battles. No matter how dark, painful, depressing the circumstances you may be facing, they do not need to be permanent. There is joy, success and happiness to be found in the journey. Jodi Pettit has found light in her personal darkness. 

 You can get in contact with Jodi on Facebook at Jodi Brunson Pettit.